On 1st Jan 2015 I started my journey.  My plan was to replace everything as and when it ran out, but I decided that from that day forward I would not buy anything which was in any way related to animal cruelty.  I discovered this is a minefield. Since I was a little girl I was told that the Body Shop was where I could get all my products and know that no animals were tested on in their making.  However, if you look into this further, they are now owned by a company which tests on animals.  This made me reconsider what cruelty free was, I came to the conclusion that for me a company which is cruelty free does not test any products on animals, does not use ingredients tested on animals and also does not give profit to another company who does either.

My next realisation was that it is not just about using products not tested on animals, it goes deeper.  I have 2 dogs and they need to eat, but ironically the animals used to make the meat in dog food are often very poorly treated.  My husband eats meat so I am very used to buying chicken which has lived outside, but it never occurred to me to look at my dog food!! Therefore I decided that I also have to ensure that where an animal is involved in any consumer purchase I make I must ensure that they lead the happiest life possible.

I considered everything that I need to change, it is not just about beauty products as I naively thought!  I have come up with the list below of the main areas in which my purchases have to change:

– Make up

– Skincare

– Haircare

– Clothes

– Perfume

– Cleaning products

– Dog food/ treats

– Food (i.e not buying products with palm oil in them)

The main point in this post is to get you to think about what is ok for you. How far do you want to go with your journey? I hope this is a good starting point for your thought process.

And please if you have anything to add let me know, I am interested to hear what you think!

Thanks for reading,